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You may not realize the problems that gravel road and parking lot dust can cause. You also may not realize just how easy it can be to eliminate these problems for the entire season. Let the professionals at DustBustin knock-down your dusty problems fast.


One simple call and you'll find an affordable solution to your dust control problems. You don't have to put up with dusty cars and dirt in the air. Let's clear the air!

Enjoy a cleaner environment for your driveway

So what is DustBustin anyway?

Frequently asked questions

1. How long do I wait before driving on my road after application?

Customers are advised to let the application dry for 24 hours after application.  Our staff will communicate if further time is needed.


2. How long will the application last? We find our PEP solution will be sufficient for a summer season. Our high traffic commercial clients have chosen a second application during the year.

One Brine application per season is sufficient.  


3. Are the products environmentally safe?

Yes, both our PEP and Brine materials are DNR approved and safe.  Both products adhere to the top layer of the road material.


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